We carry out the following core services for our customers, below is a list of these services and a brief description of what these services entail:

This is a method of repairing drains and sewers by inserting a sleeve inside the pipe which once cured adds strength to the pipe and also by making it watertight increases flow. Any size of pipe work can be repaired using this method. Hot cure and ambient cure methods are used on both Polyester and Epoxy resin. This method of repair is the most financially economical.

A resin impregnated felt is pulled into place and inverted using either water or air. Upon curing, the inversion tube is withdrawn and this creates a pipe within a pipe. If there are any incoming lines these can be exposed using a lateral cutter.

Lining Division has the capability of lining pipes with diameters ranging from 75mm to 1200mm, where excavation would be impractical due to location or depth. A range of lining options is available, to suit different applications. This includes both ambient and hot cured systems.
If only a small section of pipe is damaged at Lining Division our vehicles are fully equipped with localised pipe repair kits which allows us to carry out simple pipe repairs while we are on site. Localised Pipe Repairs work on the same principle as the relining system. The big difference is that the localised repair patch sleeve can be pushed to the damaged section of the pipe with rods. Once the sleeve is in place over the damaged section of the drain it is then inflated to a set pressure while the Patch repair cures in place.
  • Suitable applications
  • Cracked or fractured pipes
  • Pipes leaking at specific points or connections
  • Bridging and sealing open or displaced joints
  • Covering changes in pipe diameter e.g 150mm – 100mm
  • Pipe repairs can be carried out in varying sizes to cover pipes from 100mm – 1200mm.

We are able to supply a solution to all your relining needs.
A lining method used where you have a long drain run but only one access for example the manhole out to the sewer. The liner is pre measured out and pushed into place using rods and then inflated as normal.
Sometimes a drain run may have extensive damage where the whole pipe needs structural lining, but there are branch connections on this pipe, this mechanical cutter will go down the liner and re-activate the branch connection. A Robotic Cutter System is used to cut openings for lateral connections after relining but is also available for the removal of intrusions and obstructions in sewer pipes such as:
  • Tree roots
  • Poorly sited laterals
  • Encrustation
  • Concrete
  • Bars
It is designed to operate in pipes of 100mm diameter upwards and operated by a specialist team from a specially equipped vehicle carrying all the control systems and CCTV monitoring equipment.
Ideal for drain repairs where you have a drain indoors, these resins are odourless and ideal for some repair situations.
From time to time we have had calls from clients that have had drains relined which have been installed badly and have deformed causing blockages or have cured before the liner was inflated fully. We have the ability to re open liners and install a new structural liner inside the original or in some cases by removing the old liner first.
In the late 40's and early 50's some drains were constructed using a pitch fibre material which now some years later has presented several problems, the pipe structure delaminates causing large bubbles in the pipe and also the pipe begins to deform and produces an oval shape and in some cases close completely. This can be repaired by reforming the pipe and installing a structural liner to keep it in shape for years to come and avoiding costly excavations.
We will be happy to give you the customer a free no obligation quotation, if the job is particularly awkward we will ask to do a site visit.