At Lining Division we think it is imperative that our customers get value for money without losing any quality in the product, this is why we only use Lining materials that are fully WRc tested and installed under water industry specification WIS. We can cater for all drain lining needs working alongside our supplier to provide the correct product for the job.

Drag Liner: This is a standard drag in liner used on straight runs, ideal for manhole to manhole or short lengths from manhole to stacks or gullies.
Invert Liner: This liner is inverted, meaning the liner turns inside out on installation, which leaves the resin bonding to the host pipe and a low friction PVC coating as the new drain run.
Superflex Liner: This is an extra flexible liner which is also inverted and can cope with numerous bends.
We can install Liners using 3 different resins, these are:
Polyester: This is a basic resin used for most small diameter runs up to 300mm and although cheaper than other resins it does have an odour during and for a short while after installation.
Epoxy: This is a low odour resin but it is not as hard as silicate resin and is also more flexible than a polyester resin.
Silicate: A more expensive low odour resin which can be used for drains found inside buildings or places of work. Also Silicate is more resistant to high temperatures and chemicals produced in some processing plants.

All of these are installed using 1 of 3 curing processes, these are ambient cure, heat assisted cure or hot cure. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any drainage problem and we will be happy to discuss the best solution. If necessary we can come and do a site visit at no extra charge.